Saturday, October 7, 2017

Galaxy Star

 Last couple of days I have made progress on my Galaxy Star quilt.  I am struggling with these quarter inch seams coming out just right so that the star points line up right with the checkerboard center.  I measure, I check the seam width, I check the finished piece and dang if I am not off!!!  Not off by much - maybe 1/8 inch or a touch more, but it shows up so much against that black. 

The black is actually a batik with black background and deep blue dot swirling around. So progress is slow, but I am determined they will line up correctly.  I have nine of the twelve star blocks completed and all the sections made for the remaining three stars.  Hope to get that done tonight. [ I share a room with my husband, so what you see in the background is his stuff :)]

Pink is the color for Octorber in the RSC.  I could probably have used 100 pinks and still not used all in my stash.  I don't have a lot of yardage in my stash, but I do have a lot of pieces 1/2 yard or less (mostly less) that I can pull from.

I have 15 of the 33 blocks I need to make in October completed.  We will be going to WVa next week, so I will have them done by the time I get home - at least that is the plan. 

This is my work tray that travels with me. It sits in a larger tub where I have all my Jack's Chain blocks in process.

Monday, October 2, 2017

September Finishes

I completed three quilts in September.  The actually piecing on two of them was completed in March, but I did not get them quilted until September and then got the binding on with the help of some friends. 

Bali Wedding Star - gift to my daughter Ellen and her husband Adam. It is their wedding quilt, they celebrated their 3rd anniversary this past June.  Once all quilted and gifted, the oooops was discovered in the top left corner.  I call that my signature, haha.  Quilted by Donna Sawyer, Heath Springs, SC

This will be a Christmas gift to my grandson Eli as his "big boy" quilt.  I make the grand kids a big kid quilt when they move from the crib to a bed.  Eli turned 8 this past February...hmmm think I am a little late with this one too.  Quilted by Donna Abbot, Michigan

Nosegay quilt - I took a class in this at the SC Quilter's Piecable Retreat in October 2016.  I am looking forward to taking it to the retreat this year and showing that I finished it!  Quilted by Donna Abbott, Michigan

Friday, September 29, 2017

September Wrap-up

September has been a fun and busy month. Thought I would just show what I have been working on as a "catch up".  Tomorrow my daughter said she would help me get pictures of three quilts that were finished, with the help of some friends who long-arm quilt, this month. 

In August, I took a class in machine quilting on your domestic machine offered by the York County Quilters and taught by Linda Hungerford, of Flourishing Palms. The class was great and I could hardly wait to try out some of the techniques learned both in quilting with the walking foot and in free motion quilting.  I decided to use the Aurifil Block of the Month 2016 blocks I made last year and quilt each block individually.  I will be teaching a workshop in January in Quilt-As-You-Go (QAYG) and thought this would be great blocks to use in my class.  I have completed the six blocks that follow, using strictly the auto feed (walking) foot on my Janome 6600.  So much fun, and I plan to do all twelve of these blocks with a different pattern using the auto feed foot.

In another guild sponsored workshop  on the Galaxy Star quilt, and taught by Anita Bowen.  This was also a fun class and I am excited about my quilt.  I completed one block in class and today I decided to set aside the work I have been doing preparing for classes I will teach in October, to just have fun and work on the Galaxy Star.  I have been completing "pieces" of the 18" block , so nothing to show other than the one block I finished.  when the blocks are joined, they form a smaller star in the corners.  I plan to do the QAYG method on this quilt as well, and will do some free motion work in the black areas, cross hatching and outline on the stars.  This will be a little more of a challenge, as I will not have sashing on the front and I need to make sure those stars line up right.

September also saw me complete some more of the Moda Blockhead blocks: Blocks 28, 29 and 30.   Hmmmm these don't look so pretty all together, but they really do blend in well with all the other blocks.  I am using either the dark green or the blue in each block.

Last, but not least, is my Jack's Chain using the RSC.  The color for September is Orange and I had the orange nine-patches completed by the middle of the month.  So I began assembling more of the Jack's Chain blocks - so progress being made. 

When I list it all out like this, seems like a lot to have gotten done.  I love being retired so that I have time for my quilting.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Cathedral Window kit giveaway

Anyone interested in a Cathedral Window quilt kit? Finished quilt will measure 78 x 84 (if I remember correctly). I used to teach my method for making Cathedral Window quilts that I call Yes You Can!.  This is the project that I used in teaching the pattern.  I don't intend to teach this class again, and I know I will never finish the quilt.  I have already made one, and making a second is just not how I want to spend my time.

So I am giving this one away.  All the pieces are cut and ready to put together.  I will include a copy of my pattern so that you can see how it is done.  All sewing is on the machine, with the exception of the little flower inserts.

I will ship it to you, at my expense!

Any takers???  I need this project box for a new project I am getting ready to start - Pemberley, by Katrina Hadjimichael.

Thanks, Teresa

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Watching the hurricane coverage on NBC - a scarey storm for sure.  I pray Florida residents have gotten out of the way of the storm and that people and homes will be protected.

Recently I gave my dining table and china cabinet to my daughter for her new historic home where for the first time she has a nice size dining room.  I have been wanting a farm style table  and found this one at the Habitat Restore store for just $180.  Its a great table - extends to 8 feet and came with 6 nice heavy chairs.  I am unfamiliar with this particular pattern and have have not been able to find one like it anywhere on the if you know the manufacturer for this table, I would love for you to share that information with me. There was nothing on the furniture itself to indentify its maker, other that Walter of Wabash who made the slides for the leaves.

My husband and I painted the chairs and table base, he sanded the table top to the natural wood and I did the finishing work on it.  We are so pleased with the final result and it blends so well with the buffet and china cabinet that my father built many years ago.


Did anyone do the 7-Day Challenge being hosted at Threadbare Creations for National Sewing Month?  I completed the 7th Day this morning and just love the snowflake design.  It was a mystery project and I am so glad I did it.  The finished top will look great on my kitchen table this winter!  I plan to do a simple cross hatch quilting pattern and then bind in a dark blue fabric.

I am keeping up with the Moda Blockhead Challenge and here is my Block 27; Union Variation by Jo Morton.  This challenge has been just that - a challenge to make these blocks, but a fun one! 

 I am continuing to work on the Jack's Chain quilt in combination with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  The color for September is Orange - which is becoming a favorite color for me.  Seems each month, that color becomes my favorite.  Just need to make 5 more nine patches.

In the next day or so,, I hope to post a picture of my Nosegay quilt which I received back from Donna Abbott, who quilted it for me.  Maybe I can grab the last bit of sunshine today before Irma hits and get a good picture.


Thursday, August 31, 2017

Moda Blockhead BOW Update

Here are the blocks I have completed since I last posted about the Moda Blockhead BOW 2017.  I have been keeping up to date, usually making the block on the Wednesday they come out or on the following Thursday.  Each block has the same background fabric, I just took the pictures under different lighting conditions.  (Note to self - Don't do that!)
Block 23 - Winneconne Star by Lisa Bongean

Block 24 - Corn No Beans by Carrie Nelson

Block 25 - Twice the Friendship by Lynne Hagmeier

Block 26 - Cat's Cradle by Betsy Chutchian

Monday, August 28, 2017

August Activities

My daughter, Jennifer, and her family have moved in with us for a few days while in transition from selling their house and moving into their new home.  Its so much fun having her, her husband (Bobby) and 6 children (Tess, Timothy, Taralyn, Toby, Tori and Titus) all with us.  Tess and Taralyn are sleeping at Adam & Ellen's house (youngest daughter) which is right behind ours.  This morning I was quilting on my Irish Chain quilt and had two  observers keeping close watch over my stitches.  I am so blessed. 

I completed the Bali Wedding Star quilt top last week.   I still need to square it up and then get it ready for the long arm quilter.  I debated on attempting to machine quilt this one myself, but I really do not like quilting on black background.  (That's my story and I am sticking with it!)

This past week I took a class in machine quilting from Linda Hungerford .  I feel real inspired to do some machine quilting, but think I will stick with something a little smaller than this Bali Wedding Star.

The color for August RSC is neutrals - but I chose to use my fabrics left over from another quilt in the Forever Love fabric line by Eleanor Burns.  I got this finished by August 19 and therefore had some time to sew some blocks together. 

Here are the first two blocks  for the Jack's Chain quilt.  I am really liking how this is looking and have already decided how to quilt it.  I still have a ways to go before I am to that stage, so will probably change my mind several times before then.  It will be partially hand quilted, center motif in hexagon, and partially machine quilted through the nine patches. 

Looking forward to September and finding out the color for that month.  :)