Sunday, November 26, 2017

Irish Chain / Dresden Plate Complete!

 The day finally arrived when all the hand quilting was completed on my Irish chain/Dresden Plate quilt.  I say finally...but it was actually kind of sad as my hoop stands empty now and I so enjoy hand quilting.  But I have another in the queue (Bethlehem Star) and just need to get the border on and baste it together.

I would like to give a produce endorsement for Marcia Baraldi quilting mitts.  If you have not heard of these they are wonderful.
I found out about them when Linda Hungerford of Flourishing Palms taught a machine quilting class for our guild.  They are only available on line, to my knowledge, and cost around $23...and worth every penny. 
 They are very comfortable, with the straps made of a soft fabric that does not stress against your hands.  Fingers are free to thread needles, snip threads, etc.  The palm has a great gripper that allows you to easily move the fabric around.  I am not receiving anything for this endorsement - just thought y'all would like to know about theses great quilting tools.

Quilting on Chains.  Single line of quilting on the chain that crosses where the two chains meet.  Makes a frame around the quilted block.

Back of the quilt showing quilting on the chains.  These are actually on point - but took the picture at different angle.

Border quilting - I followed the light blue line in the border print to create a piano key type quilt pattern
Back side of border quilting
Final quilt - Now to make the label!

Jack's Chain - Rows 1 and 2

The first two rows of my Jack's Chain quilt.  I am having so much fun putting the rows together - all by English Paper Piecing (EPP). 

There will be border blocks to even out the edges, although I kind of like that wavy look on the left side. 

I have not joined the rows together yet, so all the outer edges still have paper in them, giving it a slightly wavy look.

This was taken on my dining table as my design wall is full of Moda Blockhead blocks.  The sunlight is wonderful in the dining room and you can see it shining through on the table.

Thank you to SoScrappy for sponsoring the Rainbow Scrap Challenge which ended this month.  This challenge kept me on goal for making the sweet 3" nine patches.  I hope she does another one next year, although I don't think I will start another EPP project this ambitious. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with family and friends and can find some time in the next few hectic weeks before Christmas to get some quilting done.

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

RSC - Final Month

November is the last month of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and I sure have enjoyed participating in this with SoScrappy and all the others.  I am doing Brown only for November rather than Black and Brown.

Once these are done, I will have enough nine patches to complete my Jack's Chain quilt.  I hope to have the quilt completed and ready to give to my wonderful brother Jack for his birthday in September. 

I have already completed 11 of the Jack's Chain blocks - with 35 more complete blocks and 35 partial blocks to go. I counted up the pieces that were needed for this quilt yesterday, and kind of wish I hadn't - as it is quite overwhelming:

Large Hexagons - 52
Half Hexagons - 16
Connecting Triangles - 470
1 " Squares - 3, 198
Total pieces = 3,788

Thankfully, I only have 20 more nine patches to make and that is the bulk of the pieces.

I am thoroughly enjoying the process though, and I know I will be a little sad to see it come to an end.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Moda Blockhead Update

Catching up with pictures of my Moda Blockhead blocks.  I have been getting them done each week, but just have not yet posted these pictures.  Just completed Block 35 - 13 more to go!
Block 31
Block 32

Block 33

Block 34 - was supposed to be primitive applique; but I decided to machine paper piece mine

Block 35

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Slow Sunday Stitching

Its a dreary Sunday afternoon, chilly outside and the perfect time for some hand quilting and Halmark Countdown to Christmas movies.  

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Galaxy Star

 Last couple of days I have made progress on my Galaxy Star quilt.  I am struggling with these quarter inch seams coming out just right so that the star points line up right with the checkerboard center.  I measure, I check the seam width, I check the finished piece and dang if I am not off!!!  Not off by much - maybe 1/8 inch or a touch more, but it shows up so much against that black. 

The black is actually a batik with black background and deep blue dot swirling around. So progress is slow, but I am determined they will line up correctly.  I have nine of the twelve star blocks completed and all the sections made for the remaining three stars.  Hope to get that done tonight. [ I share a room with my husband, so what you see in the background is his stuff :)]

Pink is the color for Octorber in the RSC.  I could probably have used 100 pinks and still not used all in my stash.  I don't have a lot of yardage in my stash, but I do have a lot of pieces 1/2 yard or less (mostly less) that I can pull from.

I have 15 of the 33 blocks I need to make in October completed.  We will be going to WVa next week, so I will have them done by the time I get home - at least that is the plan. 

This is my work tray that travels with me. It sits in a larger tub where I have all my Jack's Chain blocks in process.

Monday, October 2, 2017

September Finishes

I completed three quilts in September.  The actually piecing on two of them was completed in March, but I did not get them quilted until September and then got the binding on with the help of some friends. 

Bali Wedding Star - gift to my daughter Ellen and her husband Adam. It is their wedding quilt, they celebrated their 3rd anniversary this past June.  Once all quilted and gifted, the oooops was discovered in the top left corner.  I call that my signature, haha.  Quilted by Donna Sawyer, Heath Springs, SC

This will be a Christmas gift to my grandson Eli as his "big boy" quilt.  I make the grand kids a big kid quilt when they move from the crib to a bed.  Eli turned 8 this past February...hmmm think I am a little late with this one too.  Quilted by Donna Abbot, Michigan

Nosegay quilt - I took a class in this at the SC Quilter's Piecable Retreat in October 2016.  I am looking forward to taking it to the retreat this year and showing that I finished it!  Quilted by Donna Abbott, Michigan